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Buffalo Gouge

Buffalo Gouge was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is of Creek and Cherokee descent. Buffalo is a contemporary Native American artist. His style of work is fast with bright colors, painting all types of subjects, with portraits being his main interest. He attended the Institute Of American Indian Arts, (I.A.I.A.) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   

Creek/Seminole artist, Jerome Tiger, was his biggest inspiration and still is. The beauty and graceful style of Tiger’s paintings, was what capture Buffalo’s attention. Gouge says, “My 8th grade art teacher showed me a few Oklahoma Native American artists like Robert Redbird, Rance Hood, and Gary White Deer. When she showed me Jerome Tiger, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how strong and graceful his paintings were. I studied and studied his paintings for the next few years.”

Buffalo currently resides in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Buffalo returned to Santa Fe, NM in 2000 to finish his degree in fine arts. After receiving his AFA degree in fine arts he continued to stay in Santa Fe to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a full time professional artist. In 2004, he reached his dream of becoming a full time artist. 

“My son is the reason why I began to paint again. When I brought out my paints and brushes and started to paint Elijah was right there watching me closely."