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Stomp Dance Songs of the Muscogee Nation V. 1

Indian House

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Stomp Dance Songs of the Muscogee Nation - Vol. 1

Contents: 7 ceremonial stomp dances led by Wayland Gray, Farron Culley, Andy Butler, Jimmy Gibson, Russell Thompson, Wendell Reschke, and Chapman Cloud

Singers: Alvin Bucktrot, Andy Butler, Vincent Butler, Wesley Butler, Chapman Cloud, Farron Culley, Jimmy Gibson, Wayland Gray, Roman Hill, Simeon Johnson, Darren Mack, Kevin Mack, James Mosquito, Wendell Reschke, Joe Sulphur, Russell Thompson, Clarence Tiger. Shell shakers: Linda Alexander, Alexis Crosley, Irene Culley, Lela Culley, Bonnie Gibson, Lee Harjo, Sharon Harjo, Sheila Harjo, Dora Hill, Joann Hill, Ella Mack, Judy Proctor, Irene Thompson, Bertha Tilkens

Recorded at the Muscogee Nation Omniplex, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, July 18, 1999.